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TRS Illinois Retire

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TRS Illinois Retire goes through a series of questions to determine the users minimum retirement age and annuity upon retirement.- Allows for user to determine when they want to retire or calculates the earliest age able to retire itself.- Uses previous years of service.- Adds in saved and projected sick days.- Allows for user to adjust age and years worked to show differences in final annuity.- Factors in non 2.2 employees.- Allows user to share information from the final annuity screen.
Please note, TRS Illinois Retire currently only fully supports tier one employees. Tier two can calculate retirement age, year and percent received, but currently cannot calculate projected annuity.
TRS Illinois Retire nor Watto are affiliated with or works for the TRS(Teacher Retirement System) of Illinois. This app should not be used in place of professional consultation or advice from the TRS(Teacher Retirement System) of Illinois advisers.